I have posted a few of the photos that Becca and Wes took today.  All comments are my own.  -- Judie

Notice the turned away face. Check out the movies too.

Now that he is dressed, he shows off his face


Meeting the Brothers -- Gavin

Cameron and Matthew, with Kyle watching

Kyle holding Matthew

Brothers are great, but let's talk to Mom

Judie and the boys

Wes and the boys

Jenna, Katie, and Anna. Anna Winiwater is visiting from Vienna. The nurse came and took Matthew away for vitals checks, etc. Time was very short

Even Dads deserve a nap.

photo from hospital web site.

Some movies of the newborn child

These are very large files.

Movie 1.  (8 mg)  Movie 2.  (8mg)  and Movie 3. (4 mg)

The hospital web site for a first photo is http://www.utahportraits.com/hospital/index.php?action=view&BabyID=070507mgs or www.HospitalPortraits.com, go to Web Nursery and look for first names -- Matthew Glen.