Welcome To The World

Outside the Asylum

Greetings Earthlings! This is me.

This is me.

When you get a chance, you should go visit Mitch.  He's my husband, a supergeek, primo programmer, and a really nifty guy.

Both my husband and I are LDS.

We are also  Random Avengers, something that involves lots of surrealism, the occasional batch of cookies, way too much toxic punch, and just a little bit of silliness.

You say you don't have anything better to do?

Neither do I.  My latest obsession is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the possibilities of redemption for the character of Spike, in particular.  Yes, I am a Redemptionista and spend entirely too much time reading the wit and wisdom over at the BTVS Tabula Rasa, because it really *IS* All.About.Spike.

I miss my weekly fix of Babylon 5 now that the series has ended. Narf.

I spend a good deal of time online working and playing.  I desperately miss the time I used to spend on Talkspot.com but have drowned my sorrows with occasional visits to Constitutiontalk and have gotten hooked on Asheron's Call -- a Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game.

When I'm not engaged in any of the above I find time to cram in some reading -- mostly Science Fiction with some Mystery and a little Economics and Libertarian Philosophy thrown in for good measure.

So, why exactly are YOU wearing shoes?

My bare footprints in the snow.

I don't, at least not when I can avoid it. I prefer to go barefoot everywhere.

Government???? We don't need no stinking government.

Philosophically, I'm a Rational Anarchist; practically, I'm a Libertarian (it comes from reading what my friends have termed "too much" Heinlein, but like a free lunch I believe there ain't no such thing).

The Eighties were possibly the best decade to be a teenager.

I don't have much of a life, which is why I'm putting photos of my cats here.

To the left is Cymry, Siamese Cat of Doom.

To the right is Polly, she's suctioned herself to a heater vent in this picture, so she looks like she's upside down, but she's really not.


Feel like doing something illegal or at least mildly annoying? Then you need to buy some Mentos.

Nearly everyone I know is online, although only a few watched enough Schoolhouse Rock (knowledge IS power) to be able to have their own web pages:

TPK -- The Pirate King mka Suzanne Houghton, best friend extraordinaire.
Captain Midnight -- Curtis Houghton, her rapscallion husband.
Tara Chang -- Illustrator, artist, and good friend.
Raven -- Doug and Helena Jole
Caffeine Man -- Jim Wright, Comedian and all around Cool Guy.
Kerowynn -- Jenna Eatough, Sister-In-Law
The Cummings Family -- Rob, Marie, Eldon, and Jason.
Bug -- Doug Cootey, absent minded artist.
PlanetMess -- Home of Mike and Christine Messersmith

Support Free Speech.