10 months old


Playing Games

Abby loves it when Eloise gets out a game to play. Unfortunately their games goals are not very compatible

Slumber party

Eloise had her cousins stay for a sleep over. She discovered that a slumber party means you can stay up late, have treats and get out the sleeping bags. They all had a wonderful time.


Abby loves crawling into small spaces. She is not so good at crawling out. She has discovered several new places to get stuck this month

Laundry helper

Nothing cheers up Abby like a big basket full of clothes... clean or dirty, she is happy to help. Her self-appoineted job is to make sure that everything comes out of the basket.

She does closets too

Hello Horesy

Abby met the merry-go-round this time around at Disneyland. She liked patting the horse and watching all the lights and colors go by. Maybe next time we will try putting her on a horse

worn out

Even super babies need to sleep sometimes

Happy Birthday Eloise

We imported Holly to help with Eloise's cake this year (technically, Holly did the importing too. I did provide the grocery shopping). This is Captain Chirpy Twiddlespinner, one of Eloise's Toon Town characters.


Eloise decorated her room with leftover crepe paper fromt he birthday party

Birthday Girl

Enjoying dinner

Abby enjoyed the rice portion of Eloise's orange chicken and rice birthday dinner. I do not know if enjoying ever equated with eating.

Cake time

Have your Toon and eat him too

Eloise requested the feathers from the top of Captain Chirpy's head. Her cousins were more interested in his eye.

Happy girl

Abby continues to enjoy the spectacle at Disneyland

Birthday girl

We took Eloise to Disneyland on her birthday. She was very excited. She wanted everyone to know it was her birthday, including the attendant in the parking garage

Relaxing in line

Hey, look what I found

Abby found a Witch hat and put it to good use

Up it goes

getting close

got it!

ready to cruise

Abby thought it was hilarious to crawl up and down the hall with her witch hat. I'm not sure why she thought it was so funny, but for me, it was seeing a pink wiggly body under a giant black hat.

3rd tooth

Abby produced her third tooth. It is easy to feel... on fingers, on your arm or leg... wherever she bites. But not so easy to see.

Cozy corner

Eloise likes to build a nest for her and Abby. She likes to make it nice and cozy with plenty of pillows. Happily, Abby is attracked to pillows and will come and be her nestling.

Working on Walking

Abby is very close to walking. She gloms on to anything that will help her stand... the back of Mom or Dad's legs is a favorite. Eloise likes to help her out too.

New dress

Eloise is delighted with her new dress, and enjoyed flouncing around in it all Sunday

Pumpkin time

Eloise and Abby enjoyed helping wash the pumpkins and getting them ready to decorate