11 months old

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Video Bonus!

Eloise playing in the surf.


Eloise loves interacting with people and with her environment. Here are just a few of her approaches


Let's play!

Eloise loves playing with balls. She is getting good at catching them and throwing them. Her direction remains somewhat random, but she will happily chase the ball and try again.

You're not going to make me stop, are you?

Eloise now as some sense of when she is doing something she should not. Here she is working on Daddy's shoelaces. Since it comes in the minor annoyance she is waiting to see if she will be stopped. If she knew it was forbidden she would laugh and dig in


Eloise continues to love her books and gives them her utmost attention

I can handle this myself

Eloise is now interested in taking over her own feeding. She's not very effective with a spoon, but enjoys the attempt. When she is really hungry, she will defer to Mom or Dad. She is getting very good with diced fruit and cereal. She can consume a stunning volume of Rice Chex

This has some potential for fun!

Eloise loves being outdoors. It's pretty much a guarantied cure whenever she is cranky. We took her hiking in our local mountains and took a break at a lovely meadow. She had a great time. September 19

Happy Girl

Eloise continues to be a bubbly, happy girl.She is also thrilled with walking, on every terrain. We finally got her some shoes so we didn't have to fight her when she wanted to take off outside. She now cruises happily from grass to pavement and beyond.

This is too cool!

Eloise was enthralled with her first trip to the beach (September 19). From the moment we set her down on the sand, she knew she had found a baby paradise. There was nobody on the Pacific coast more happy than she was.She spent the afternoon laughing and screeching with delight

Nothing can stop me now!

Eloise loved walking on the wet sand. She ran back and forth and up and down, having a great time. She has been getting more comfortable on her feet the last couple of weeks, but she spent more time walking at the beach by far than anywhere else to date. She was also getting very good at getting back up on her feet without help.

Can we stay here?

Eloise loved playing in the water. When she wasn't walking up and down the beach, she was on her hands and knees spashing in the surf.