Ready to roam

This is a very characteristic Eloise pose that signals the alert observer that the subect is about to take off and get into something

Pretty clothes from Grandpa

Playing with the big toys

When we first brought this ball home it intimidated Eloise, but now she feels confident taking it on. That could be because she no longer gets knocked over by the recoil bounce when she tries to tackle it. It's fun to push around the yard.

Autumn is great!

Eloise has long been enchanted by leaves. She enjoys picking them up and showing them to me when we go on walks. Since fall as brought a bonanza of leaves into reach walks have become more entertaining.

Checking out the tall tree

In the last week Eloise has developed a fascination with trees. She likes feeling the bark, playing peek-a-boo around the trunk, and just looking up at the tree (Nov 18)

Autumn leaf skills

Eloise has progressed from picking up individual leaves to examine, to happily crunching over leaves on the sidewalk, to plopping down in the leaf pile and swishing them around.

New furniture

We picked up a new table at a garage sale. We are thrilled to have chairs Eloise can't knock oveer too easily. She is pleased to have a new playground.

petulant toddler

Just in case you think our little girl is endlessly happy and pleasant, here is some toddler Mood. This is her defiance toward having her face washed.



13 months old

Eloise playing in the leaves. If you think she looks a bit hysterical now, you should have seen her watching Mommy run through the leaves.