14 months old

On the go

Eloise has become facinated with riding toys. She likes to try out her cousins' big wheels, but gets frustrated when she can't reach the pedals. She was thrilled to aquire a riding toy of her own. She enjoys riding it, pushing it around, and standing on it.

Christmas is coming

This was a few days before Christmas, visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Utah

Christmas day

and fenced of from everything fun


Eloise has been working on her stacking skills. She very much enjoyed playing with the Wedgits at Grandma's house. She enjoyed making her own stacks. She also liked handing Wedgits to others to stack, and laughed when she gave us some that would not go together.

check out the molars

Eloise is up to 12 teeth now. 4 in front. top and bottom, plus 4 molars. Check out the two on the bottom