16 months old

Crazy Climber

Eloise has now mastered the art of climbing into her high chair. She makes us nervous, but she is clearly delighted.

February 14

Belly Button

Eloise enjoys looking for her belly button. She now prefers shirts she can lift up to onsies that snap down. However, beware... if you ask where her belly button is, she will feel she needs to check on yours too.

All worn out

Girl on wheels

Eloise watches very closely when she sees her friends on tricycles and big wheels. She's still a touch short-legged for her tricycle but she enjoys trying

Ready for anything

Our rough and tumble girl likes wearing her helmet. Then she doesn't have to watch out for walls, chairs, doors and other inconvenient objects

Big Foot

Eloise is trying out her uncle's shoe. Notice her tongue, she has it turned sideways to chew on while she concentrates

Any sand is good sand

Here is Eloise's California take on a snow angel. She found a nice patch of sand in the driveway and got busy.