18 months old

Coloring Easter Eggs

Eloise enjoyed helping us dye eggs. Her fingers only got a little green.

Easter Morning

We hid plastic Easter eggs all over Grandma's living room. Eloise enjoyed picking them up, and then rehiding them.

Sheparding eggs

Eloise moved her egg collection around happily for days.

Discovering the Jelly Beans

Eloise didn't find out why the eggs rattled until afternoon. But once she figured it out she was pleased.


Eloise is getting pretty good with her legos and megablocks. She is pleased when she gets them to stick together, but still easily frustrated when she misses.


Alas, her vocabulary has expanded to include "mine"

She uses this word to indicate she is not ready to put her toys away for the night.

Visit from Amanda

Eloise enjoyed a visit from her cousin Amanda this month. We went to SeaWorld where she very much enjoyed looking at all the critters.

Look at the curls!

Eloise occaisionally asks to have her hair done. She likes to bring me barrets. However, she also likes taking them out. The record is about 20 minutes.