23 months old

Still loves the beach

Sand, water, and plenty of room to run.

After this trip we were serenaded with the happy refrain "beach, beach, beach, going t'beach" everytime we put Eloise in the car. Fortunately she was not disappointed when we arrived somewhere else instead.

I have the hose!

Eloise loves helping mommy with yard work, especially when it involves watering. Although she became soaked, she also gave the orange tree a good drink.

Toddler Rituals

These are the things Eloise must have to enjoy her bottle. Her own special pillow, one of the fleece blankets with tied fringe (there are 2 acceptable options, both blue) the giant ant (which she calls a spider- "spy-er") and her buzz light year.

Tree climbing

We spent an afternoon up the canyon enjoying the lovely fall weather, tasting apples and having some outdoor fun. Eloise loves trees, espcially ones that look like she can climb them... with only a little help.