3 Months Old


Wrestling the Dragon

Abigail is becoming very object-oriented in her play time. She likes toys, and likes having something to wrestle with. Dragon is one of her favorites, perhaps because he is so eye-catching, or perhaps because he is easy to grab ahold of. We think she consuiders herself victorious when she can get her mouth on his nose.

Bare Nothins

Abigail loves to be undressed. She really dislikes a wet or dirty diaper. If you start to unsnap her, she gets happy. She is also happy to hang out in just her diaper for a bit, but even better is nothing at all!

Pushing off

Abigail is developing her upper body strength. She can lift her head and chest off the ground for short periods. She even likes being on her tummy for a bit, as long as Mommy is right there by her so she has someone to look at

Holding her head up high

Abigail now has very good head control. She likes to be held up so that she can look around.She now regularly shows off those deep baby crevices in her neck.

Tummy Time

with the advent of rolling over, Abigail is now spending a lot more time on her tummy. She is getting really good at getting her head up.

Every alter-ego need a birthday cake

Eloise talked me into making a birthday cake for Petunia, her character for playing Disney's Toon Town online, and her alter-ego taht often accompanies me when we run errands.

Decoratinig cookies

Eloise likes things that involve frosting, but she also loves to share her pleasure. So she invited her friend Claire to come over and help us decorate cookies. We had talked about doing this soon, so Sunday at church, when Eloise spotted Claire's family not too far from us, she took the opportunity to invite her right then and there. Claire is careful and meticulous in her decorating. Eloise is all about getting STUFF on the cookie

Hey.. There's Mommy

Abigail is starting to recognize and track her parents. She watches me when I walk by her. If I stop and look at her, I have her full attention.

Goofy Girl