4 Years Old
Happy Birthday!

almost 4

Sampling the cake

Eloise enjoyed helping get her Birthday cake ready. She also enjoyed the extra bits that she got to frost and sample

Painting with frosting is fun

This poor piece of cake was buried in 3 colors of frosting.

Surveying the work


Petunia is Eloise's character on Toon Town, a game she enjoys playing with her Dad. She wanted her Birthday cake to look like Petunia. She has been planning this for a couple months

Finished product

All frosted and ready for candles.

Birthday morning

Birthday Dance

Eloise enjoyed dancing in her Birthday dress-ups. Her cousins were in their Halloween costumes playing war games while she danced through.


More of 4

Eloise's eyes

We let Eloise play with the camera. Here is what came out

Eloise reports:

I am still 4 years old.

I am going to be 4 for a long time.