climbing girl

Abigail generally hates her carseat when she is strapped in, and is endlessly facinated by it when it is empty on the floor

Eloise's room, the original

Eloise's room transformed

We've got everything but the closet and the door painted in Eloise's room. Good enough to move into! She is very happy with her blue, but is waiting for her rainbow.

Taking a break

Here is a rare nap, wothout swing or someone to hold her.

4th of July in our backyard

We have a great view of the fireworks from our backyard. We shall be hosting annually forever more.

Eloise's favorite

Eloise liked the "planet" fireworks the very best

Abigail's first fireworks

Slept through it all

Ready to paint

Eloise helped paint in her room, and has helped in a few other palces too. She very much enjoys it. She is sad when there is nothing she can help with.

Hanging out at the house

Master Bedroom-transforming

Make way for baby

Abigail is becoming a fearless crawler and climber. She loves plowing over obstacles in her path. Eloise is one of her favorite obstacles.

Crazy girl

sweet girl

Packing is fun!

Abigail loved the addition of boxes to our living room decore. They helped her perfect her standing up technique.


This is the compromise face that you get when you tell a 4 year old you need a picture without hands over her face.

Crawler baby

Abigail is pleased with all the extra space in her new house. She spends time and energy crawling from one end of the house to the other. I think it is helping with naptime.


7 Months Old