7 Months Old

and so many things to do!

May 12 2005

Toys to bang!

Eloise is happily increasing the background noise in our home. She has discovered that banging things together is lots of fun.


Eloise is enjoying her mobility more every day.


Eloise enjoys standing up. She especially likes standing and bouncing on her Mom or Dad's stomach. She has a lot of leg strength, but cannot yet hold herself up. She now has a saucer toy and enjoys bouncing on her feet there too.


Eloise is irrestiably drawn to stacks of anything. She knocks the stack over pretty fast, but I think right now she is just fascinated by the stack rather than the falling. The falling seems a byproduct of her explorations rather than the intent of her actions. Doubtless she will soon discover the joy of falling toys for their own sake.


Eloise shares a trait with her father. When she is focused on something exciting she sticks her tongue out, typically to one side of her mouth. You can catch her dad doing this while playing video games


Alhtough we seem to be holding at two teeth, Eloise remains a dedicated chewer. Toys, fabric and Mom and Dad's fingers (not necessarily in that order) top the list of chewables

Growing Hair

Eloise is growing her hair in patches. This is our favorite, one long curl on the side.

Laughing at Mom!

Eloise loves songs and funny noises. She's a happy girl and smiles often.


May 17

May 20

May 27

May 29

May 30

Bonus Feature!    Our little goof-ball in action





Eloise is working diligently on mobility