9 Months Old





High Places

Eloise has achieved a new skill level. She can now climb well enough that she feels uncomfortable about her ability to get down.


Abby has discovered water bottles. She likes to play with the bottle, and she likes it when she gets a drink too.

Ruffians at Disneyland

Can you believe they would shoot at a woman with a baby?

Naptime enlightment

Apparently we have been going about naptime all wrong. What really puts Abby into a deep sleep is a dark and very noisy place. This is at the haunted house in Disneyland. After this, she slept while Eloise went on 3 roller coasters. Pirates of the Caribbean is also soothing to her little baby nerves.

Pirate baby

This one will laugh as she pushes you off the plank.

Pirate Girl

This one won't laugh until after, but she'll be smiling inside.

Hey grandma... that looks like fun

Abby loves crawling into tight spaces, and this one was just so exciting.

Water Hopscotch

Eloise has enjoyed her new water game from Grandma and Grandpa.

Cooking Lessons

Mom's food channel viewing is rubbing off on Eloise. She gave a very nice demonstration on how to cook "YOUR VERY OWN CHICKEN LEG!" We'll have to see if I can get a video posted for you.

Eloise bonds with a character

After a couple years of shying away from all the characters roaming Disneyland, Eloise had a very sweet meeting with Minnie Mouse. Since she regularly channels Minnie in voice and gestures this seemed like an appropriate first. Princess Minnie is also the first princess she admired and started immitating.

Baby meets cotton candy

She kept eating it for a while, and clearly liked the taste, but wasn't sure about the texture and dissolving stuff.

Naked Baby

Beach time

Summer is officially over, but it is still triple digit heat here, so the beach is a wonderful break from the heat. Eloise and I made nests at the top of the wave zone. Abby and Eloise enjoyed sitting in the nests, splashing in the water and playing with the gooey sand.

catching waves

Eloise is working on her boogey board skills

Sand baby

Sand streamers

gooey sand is Eloise's favorite kind