9 months old




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Eloise loves to play peek-a-boo

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9 months old

For her 9 month mark, we spent a day in the mountains. We went on a short hike. Eloise was in a baby-backpack. She loved the vantage point and the opportunity to grab at leaves. Here, she enjoys the outdoors while we enjoy a dutchoven feast. (July 12, 2005)

At the Museum

Eloise visited a dinosaur museum with her cousins.

Melinda with Eloise

Gavin, Cameron, Kyle and Katie

July 14, 2005

Meet the dinosaurs

Eloise loved all the things she could touch at the museum. She is becoming very tactile. She likes feeling textured walls as we walk by, and fabrics of all variety.

First visit to the pool

Eloise was enchanted by the water. After the first two seconds of cautious approach, she plopped down and splashed happily until it was time to go. She have been the loudest kid in the pool. (July 14)

Playing with her cousins

Front row: unknown boy #1, Katie, Kyle, Amanda

Middle: Grandma Eatough, Gavin, Eloise, Michele

Back behind statue: Cameron, Melinda

Back-packing adventures!

We have a baby backpack for Eloise, she was happy to be in it, even in the store. This is her second trip out in, we went hiking for about 2 1/2 hours. She missed the falls, but enjoyed walking through the trees (July 20)

Dealing with cousins

Eloise quickly adapted to having her 7 Eatough cousins around. She was facinated watching her 22 month old twin cousins walk. She enjoyed the attention from her older cousins. Here she is ready to battle with Gavin.

Into everything

Eloise likes to test her limits now. She is constantly checking to see if new things have come into her reach. Her increasing agility also makes it difficult to protect the books. Under the dining room table and to the bookshelf is a favorite game. She laughs when we tell her no and haul her out.