Party Day

Here our two girls getting ready for Abby's big party

Let's go play

Abby loves her big window on the outdoor world. She loves it even more when we let her out.

Birthday girl

Since we decorated Eloise's chair for her birthday, she wanted to make sure we decorated Abby's chair too. Eloise had fun helping with the streamers. Abby had fun trying to catch them

Birthday treat

This is the item on the party menu that excited Abby most... Jell-o jigglers! I gave them to her the first time when we made them for Thanksgiving. She was so excited (like baby-catnip) we had to do a repeat for her party.

Family dinner

Robert told me that Abby had told him that she wanted homemade pizza for her Birthday.

Next best after the Jello

Abby also enjoyed un-decorating her chair.

Cake time


Abby took the slow approach to her cupcake. She spent a while touching it gingerly

Still investigating.

Hey! It sticks.

Nice and Squishy

gooey fingers

Abby enjoyed squishing up her cupcake, but I'm not sure she ever realized it was for eating. Check out how clean that face is.

Opening presents

When Abby ripped off a piece of paper she would touch it to her lips before setting it aside.

Books too

The paper thing works for books too. Before she started playing with them, she would touch each one to her lips. I don't know if it a taste test to see if she likes it, or licking it to mark her territory.


Abby got a set of books from her Grandma and Aunt. All the big kids sat down to read the books outloud. Abby picked up a book, opened it and started her version of reading too- :ah, ba, ba, ba, aw, ba" with great enthusiasm.

Birthday morning

The party was the day before her Birthday. She got up and headed straight for her new books the next morning.

Christmas decorations

Both Eloise and Abigail love to take oranments off the tree. The bells are Abby's favorites. Sometimes she even holds them right so that they will ring when she shakes them. That always delights her.

Container play.

Abby is at that age where taking things in and out of containers is fascinating.

Sister's Toys

Abby also loves playing with Eloise's toys, and trying to do what her sister does. She is trying to get Captain Hook to stand up. Unfortunately, the feet versus head concept isn't very clear.