Eloise and Grandma

Eloise enjoyed seeing Disneyland decked out for Christmas

Preschool Christmas concert

Eloise enjoyed performing in a Christmas program with her school class. They did a great job singing.

Visit with Santa

Eloise was very excited to see Santa this year. She knew just what to do, and just what she wanted to ask for.

Christmas morning

Eloise woke up about 8:30 and came running to our room to report that Santa had eaten all his cookies! She came back a moment later to report that HE LEFT PRESENTS!!!

Expedition under the tree

Eloise enjoyed searching under the tree for presents

Return Victorious

whew... what a morning

Christmas morning babe

Floor Show

Abigail is getting stronger by the day. She is starting to enjoy her time on the floor (but only briefly). She is getting good head control, and those legs and arms wiggle wildly.

Happy Girl

Abigail's two-tone sporting stripes continue. Check out the cool V do she has going.

December 28

Abigail is getting more animated by the day. We think we are seeing the first smiles from her. She certainly spends a lot of time looking around now.

fun with chocolate

Eloise and her cousins enjoyed dipping fruit in the chocolate fountain on New Year's Eve. We were all impressed with Eloise's stylish mustache and goatee.

The highlight of the evening came when the kids discovered that blueberries were small enough to circulate through the fountain.

Silly bath girl

Eloise's family portrait

This is the first time I have seen Eloise draw pictures of her family. She tells us the various parts of people as she draws them (Here's Daddy's eyes, and here is his smile). While she was drawing she asked if I liked my hair. I told her it looked like I needed to brush my hair. She thought that was very funny. Abigail is sad, Eloise drew tears for her.

Jan 7, 2009


Abigail's First Christmas

Blessing Day