Happy Birthday Eloise


Pencil pusher

Pencil Pusher has been Eloise's imaginary Cog friend for years. This year she asked to see him as her birthday cake. In his honor, we decided to have a Toontown theme party.

Cog War

Toons war with the cogs and throw gags at them. These are the cogs we made for Eloise's party... a flunky bossbot and a Mr Hollyood sellbot.

Abby and Eloise try out the cogs


Tug of war is a traditional toon game. In toontown, the toons battle against the cogs and the loser ends up in the pond. At the party, the kids battled against Mom and Dad over a wading pool. It was a big hit.

Dance like Minnie

Eloise led the "Dance like Minnie Mouse" competition.

dancing toons

Eloise dances like Minnie, our guests dance like Goofy. A good time was had by all.

Cog war

Definitely the big hit of the party... 'cause nothing is better than water ballons

Eloise takes aim

Pencil Pusher

Thanks for the wonderful cake Holly!

Enjoying cog cake

Clean up


Sunday after the party, we came home from church to find a lizard crawling through the kitchen. Both girls were enchanted.

Bye lizard

watching him escape into the grass

Disney Day!

Our friend Holly joined us for birthday fun at Disneyland. Eloise was thrilled they both had pumpkin shirts

Indiana Jones

Eloise was tall enough to ride Indiana Jones, but not sure she wanted to. We got her through the line once, but she prefers her roller coasters. She will skip Indiana Jones, but looks forward to being tall enough for California Screamin'

Abby at the wheel

Girls in jail

resting in line

seriously resting in line

Ghost Mickey


End of a fun day