5 Months Old

Paper flowers

Eloise was thrilled to score a bouquet of flowers after a church party. She quickly discovered that when she threw them in the air, she had Abigail's undivided attention. Eloise loves it when she can make Abigail laugh.

Relax and Enjoy the Ride

Abigail loves being carried in the front-pack carrier. She likes looking at everything going on around her.

Added Bonus

An added bonus of the carrier... Abigail sleeps as well there as in her stroller, maybe better. And I can keep going while she sleeps... Pirates of the Carribean, here we come.


Abigail is getting pretty good at holding onto blankets. And while she sometime thinks it is funny to play with her blanket, in this shoot she is waving it around to show her distress

Dancing at Disneyland

Daddy and his girls

Abigail loves grabbing faces. Eloise loves talking to Abigail while laying on a parent... any parent will do

Up and ready for action

Abigail is getting great hieght on her baby pushups. Plus, we just love the look on her face in this picture. That's our wild girl.

roller baby

Abigal moves pretty freely around the living room now. She has good control and can pause anywhere in her roll circumfrenece to stop and check out toys.

Ant Attack

Abigal rolled over ant, and then came back to wrestle with him

Almost 1/2 a year


Abigail is all the sudden spending time up on her hands and knees. May 27, I saw her up and rocking. It has been a frequent occurence since then.

Making Tents

One of Eloise's current pastimes is making tents out of blankets. She likes to get a different blanket for each room in her tent house (kitchen, bedroom, living room). this is the room she made for Abigail


Abigail is also getting much faster and more coordinated in her efforts at scooting. She can usually reach her goal. We have stepped up our efforts to keep small objects off the floor. Baby fences will be coming out very soon.

Girls on the floor

Eloise loves to be near her sister. Abigail loves the chance to grab some yellow hair


When I bring her in by the computer, Abigail can now maneuver to Eloise's toy stash, and boy is she pleased with herself.