Christmas 2009


Visiting Santa

Eloise was very resolute in her request for Santa (a bicycle horn). She had her mind made up for a good 2 months. She was very pleased to visit Santa and deliver her message. Abby was remarkably good natured about visiting Santa.

Helper Girls

Eloise was thrilled to help Grandma and Grandpa decorate their tree. She liked deciding where things should go. There was a large angel section, and a bird section with pillow for the bird (some of Grandma's handwoven oranments), food (a cookie ornament) and light (a star ornament).


Eloise was very excited for snow at Christmas. We are glad the weather obliged

Grandma the brave

Eloise and her cousins enjoyed hot tub time with Grandma.

Meticulous decorator

Eloise is becoming more patient with her frosting. She enjoys using the decorating bags. However, by the time she is finsihed, the cookie will be pretty thickly covered. It's more application than final result that she enjoys.

Christmas Eve

When you are listening to Grandma read the Christmas story, and recreating the action, the most important thing is deciding who can be on the roof.

Christmas wrapping

Baby Heaven, a whole room full of paper and bows

Christmas Day

Even when you are 5, the bows are still as much fun as the present


A whole basket of paper, and no one is taking it away from me!

Day after Christmas

The basket full of used bows was a favorite for days

Pause to check the cargo

Rest time

If you look on the left of the tree you can see the little white bird surrounded by his pillows. That was Eloise's favorite ornament ensemble.

Creating with all her new tools

Eloise was happy to get home to California again and take her finger paints outside to give them a try.

New Year's Eve

Hurray for fondue.

Chocolate fountain

This is the favorite part of New Year's Eve for Eloise and her cousins.

Post midnight

After shooting off all the confetti poppers, Eloise decoarted the tree with the confetti. It was amazing how much shook out while we were taking the tree down.