February 2013


Field Trip.

Eloise's class went on a field trip to see "Hello Dolly." They had been talking about dress, manners and language of the period for a while. She was very excited to dress up. She was also very excited because her teacher was in the play, as Dolly.

Rainy day

Geared up for an artic storm- California style.

Bike day.

Eloise spent an afternoon mastering the art of "bicycle without training wheels." Dad gave her a lot of help.

Abigail tried a bike too.

This was Abigail's first time on a bike.

Eloise pulls ahead.

After a few runs up and down the street, Eloise pulled away from Dad and took off on her own.

Ready to head out.

Riding confident.

Tricks in the hall.

The girls spent an afternoon doing tricks, they especially liked walking u p the wall.

Visit from a cousin.

The girls were thrilled to have their cousin come to visit.

Hugs for Minnie

Eloise is working on her Minnie pose.

Riding with their cousin.

Abigail and Aunt Becca

Mickey and the gang