January 2013


The girls enjoy a little left-over Christmas

Pixie Hollow Photo Shoot.

While waiting for Dad and Eloise, Abigail organized her own photo shoot in Pixie Hollow. She had a wonderful time striking poses and telling Mom when to take pictures.

Tinkerbell's Door

Here are just a few of the 50+ pictures we took.

Ready for her close up.

She loved the purple mushrooms because the matched her!

Do I look pretty with the light on me?

Another close up

Serious contemplation of the flowers

Eloise joins at the end.

Happy Eloise

Evening lights.

Mis-match day.

Eloise had a mis-match day at school. She spent the afternoon before picking out the perfect outfit.

Drive-in movie night.

Abigail's preschool has a family drive-in movie night. They encourage the children to decorate a box for their car. Eloise has very fond memories of this event, and was thrilled to join Abigail in an afternoon of car construction.

Robert's Birthday

Happy 50th to Robert!

Abigail and Robert

Chocolate-pecan cookie bars were the requested dessert.