March 2013


Grandma Dresses.

These are both dresses made by Grandma when she had little girls. I remember wearing the green and white dress to kindergarten.

Spring Break Crew

Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Beth came to visit us during spring break.

Minnie's autograph

Eloise has started an autograph book. She saved the first page for Minnie.

42 inches

Abigail has now reached 42 inches, and gained access to a bunch of new rides. She was very, very pleased with Grizzly River.

Wet and Happy.

Beth and her dad.


Eloise admired Rapunzel's hair, rapunzel complimented Eloise on her long golden hair too. Eloise was pleased.

Abigail being shy.

Abigail was excited to see Rapunzel, but she did not like Flynn. She held on tight to her mom.

Eloise and Minnie.

A walk with Alice.

We saw Alice and the Mad Hatter walking by. Abigail ran to meet them, and they took her for a little walk.

Just strolling along

Eloise and Alice

with the Mad Hatter

When Eloise asked for a picture with just Alice, the Mad Hatter pouted, so Eloise did a picture with him too. I love how Alice snuck in.

Running with the fairies

We came into Pixie Hollow at shift change, so Fawn came to welcome us in and invited the girls to run with her.

Fawn, Abigail and Eloise

Meeting Tinkerbell

Eloise thought it was hilarious when Tinkerbell offered to sign all the pages in her book.

Anniversary week.

Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their 49th anniversary while they were with us.

Eloise with spring flowers

Abigail and flowers

Abigail striking a pose



This is one of Abigail's first ponytails.

Swim day

We had a couple days near 90 deg F, so we broke out the pool.

Abigail goes back in.

Five minutes after she insisted she was done and wanted to get dressed, Abigail was in the water again.

Grizzly River

Abigail's second day on Grizzly River was nice and warm. We went on it twice in a row.

Minnie's House

Abigail loves to borrow Minnie's things and make herself beautiful.

Tea party.

In front of Minnie's House

We loved the pink flowers on the trees, perfect for Minnie.



On the way out of Disneyland we found a gathering of Princesses. The girls were delighted to stop and chat with a few of them.

Snow White


Abigail showed off a few dance moves for Princess Aurora

More dancing.

Pig tails

Abigail liked having a ponytail, but she likes two even better... three or four would be fine.

Abigail pig-tails

Eloise thinks her sister is adorable like this, and points her out to all her friends when we pick her up after school.

Spring poppies

More poppies

yup, more

Still poppies.