Eloise has discovered braids and likes having her hair done with them. Of course, her first preference is that mommy skip combing her hair all together, but once the tangles are out braids are fun.

More braids

This is Eloise's one braid style. I tried a braid on one side to get the hair that escapes, and then putting the braid and everything else in one big ponytail. But Eloise knew the braid was there, and she wanted it out.

Helping in the Kitchen

Eloise has long liked baking with Mommy. Her favorites are pancakes and cupcakes. Lately she as expanded her talents from putting everything in the bowl and stirring to filling the cupcake pan

Easter Egg hunt

Eloise enjoyed her Easter egg hunt. We hid eggs in the morning before we got up (that's a leisurely 8 am for our easter Bunny). We hid eggs again after church. We had an outdoor egg hunt with her cousins later that afternoon, and a couple more at home before bedtime. Fortunately by Monday Eloise was willing to hide her own eggs.

Our Sweet Little Girl

She loves her dresses and her soccer ball too

Flower and beetle

I was trying to get a close-up of Eloise holding the flower. But she found a big beetle on the flower, and it was far more interesting. She is pretty good on not picking up bees or spiders, they are just for looking at. Crickets, roly-polys, earwigs, ants and beetles are all fair game for her. As a bonus, you can see a tiny bit of our new Honda Civic in the background.

Easter 2008


The San Diego Wild Animal Park stocks one of their aviaries with 100s of butterflies for a few weeks in the spring. Eloise was delighted. This is the earnest face she wears when calling to butterflies to come and land on her. She had no sucess (not so good at holding still), but one landed on Daddy.

More butterflies

She has one all picked out, but he still won't come

Eloise makes friends with the birds

Eloise and this bird checked each other out for a while. The bird sadly flew away when Eloise encouraged it to climb on her fingers