Spring is Here


Easter Fun!

The girls had cousins come to visit for Easter and some warm springtime fun in California. They arrived Saturday night and joined our egg dipping. Eggs are fun, waiting for your turn with the dippers, not so fun.

Easter morning

Eloise struggled a bit with her cousins early waking. But she soon caught their enthusiasm and got into the swing of the egg hunt.


Eloise has the proud title of being first to finish her bunny, and the only kid in the house to eat the whole thing on Easter day. The cosuins diversified, Eloise focused.

The lion

Eloise and her cousins spent a happy afternoon working on this animal masterpiece. They were all very proud of it.


Abby enjoys the freedom of a relatively empty and well fenced section of boardwalk at the Wild Animal Park. She loves it when we set her free.

Fish watching

Eloise and her cousins eargerly anticipate the resurfacing of a big-'ol catfish.

Have you noticed we take a lot of pictures of kids on merry-go-rounds

Uncle Wes takes a nap


We were delighted with a late swing by the butterfly jungle when the room was empty enough we could set Abby down. Both girls enjoyed a visit from a butterfly.

Happy Gavin

Gavin waited long for his butterfly visit, and was pleased with the result.

Uncles Wes and the rest of the boys

cousins K + C were a little shy of the butterflies.

Ready for Disneyland

having fun with cousins

Becca and her boys

D-land day 3. Apparently the magic of the tram ride from the parking garage is gone.

beach day

Spring is still a bit cold for serious ocean play, so after getting wet, Eloise likes to warm up in her "nest." After a while, she also enjoys hatching

heads in the sand

The home butterfly project

mom got a few painted lady butterfly cocoons from work. Eloise has enjoyed waiting for them to emerge.

Release day

Eloise and her cousins are ready to help set the butterflies free.

goodbye butterfly