Summer time


4th of July

We enjoyed fireworks from our backyard.

Abby does Yoga

Abby likes to follow along with Dad while he excercises


Abby loves the waves breaking over her toes. She does a happy dance everytime a wave comes in

beach fun

Eloise enjoyed playing with her cousins. They were working on a sand castle, and needed lots of water.

Bike ride at the beach

The kids were thrilled when we rented a beach-bike-car to take them for a ride along the boardwalk

Off they go

Robert and Aunt Kris provided most of the peddle power. Eloise's legs were too short to reach the peddles


Visit to Grandma

One of Eloise's favorite things to do at Grandma's house is to get out all the trains. Her cousins were happy to help her out.


Cameron, Matthew, Kyle, Eloise

Holly and Abby

Hike to the Grotto

Eloise with Kyle and Cameron in the background

Abby and Dad

Abby liked the water, but it was a touch cold. She liked staying with a parent so she could lift her feet out of the water regularly


Eloise was very excited to visit her favorite swimming pool while we were in Utah. She has been looking forward to this waterslide all year.


After a few times with parents, Eloise was doing the slide on her own. After a few times on her own, she was getting more daring in her method.

Bigger thrills

This year Eloise announced she was big enough to jump off the waterfall. Like the slide, she was soon taking care of it all by herself.

Abby had fun too

Abby had a great time splashing around the pool, and then a peaceful time recharging.


Waterbottles and dirt. Does life get any better?


Abby became very attached to her cousin Gavin. She followed him around saying his name, and if he got close enough and low enough, she'd come pat his cheeks.

Hiking Abby style

After a brief trial period, Abby decided she really liked the baby back pack.


rest break by the lake

Eloise, Kyle and Cameron

Eloise had a super fun time playing with her cousins in Utah. She misses them now that we are home again.

The great bed experiment

We moved the mattress from the top of Eloise's bunk bed to the floor underneath to try a new sleeping spot for Abby. Abby was thrilled with the change. She has slept through the night every night since.

The great bed experiment part 2

Eloise has gradauted to the cushy luxury of the queen size guest bed. She loves how soft and fluffy it is. She likes to sleep horizontal across the top of the bed.


Eloise has started kindergarten, and she is excited. This is getting ready to go on her first day.

Dance your way to school

Walking to her classroom

After School

Eloise walked home with Dad and Abby after her first day of school. Eloise was pleased with pizza, chocolate milk in little milk boxes, and lots of recess.

Playing in the back yard

The girls unwind after a busy first day of school day

Dressing up

Abby likes to raid the hair decorations while we are getting things out for Eloise in the morning

2nd day of kindergarten

Eloise is very pleased to choose her outfits for school. She loves the butterflies on the socks.