Hurray for snow!

Eloise was very pleased it snowed while we were visiting Grandma's house. She and her cousins had a great time playing and building.

The snowman.

Eloise was pleased that the snowman was as tall as she was. Eloise (with help from Mom) made the biggest ball.

Abby in the snow

Abby was facinated with the way snow stayed on top of her shoes.

Eloise's favorite spot.

Eloise loved the little "snow house" made by the branches around Grandma's deck.

Abby having fun

Hey... I want out too!

Grandma and the older grandchildren had fun in the hot tub.


Abby and Matthew console themselves by taking over the train tracks while the older kids are occupied elsewhere.

Movie party.

A potato head party is perfect for watching Toy Story 3.

Video games

Robert hangs out with all the kids.