Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas Eve

Snow comes to California

It doesn't look to bad from the porch

I'm not touching that stuff

While Eloise enjoyed playing in the snow at Grandma's house for Christmas, she was not thrilled to see it at home. She kept her hands inside her sleeves and her feet on the sidewalk. She would happily stomp on any small pile of snow adhereing to vegetation on the sidewalk

A soothing bath

Ah, the calming ritual of a Saturday night bath. See the sweet little girl relax.

Story-time with Daddy

Eloise is becoming much more attuned to the plot (or at least the dialogue) when we read books. Green Eggs and Ham is one of her current favorites. She will say many lines with us as we read to her. She even waits for us to finish the text on most pages.

Rainy day fun

Eloise loves the rain. Perhaps because it is such a rare treat in California. She was disappointed to be hustled to the car before church, dawdling along singing "rainin, rainin, it's rainin to herself and protesting when steered away from puddles, but we indulged her afterwards.

Laughing at the zoo

We had a fun day at the zoo with Holly.


Eloise enjoyed looking at the animals. The meerkats and kangaroos were favorites, probably because they were out and active.

A favorite stop

One of Eloise's favorite features of the zoo was the foot massage chairs. We stopped at every set so she could take a little break.

Who knew sheep were so big?

We visited the petting zoo. Other children were picking hay up off the ground and trying to feed the animals. Eloise picked up handfuls of their bedding (wood shavings) and rubbed it into their fur. She also like checking out the little bed boxes.

End of the day

This is what a 2 year old looks like after a day of serious fun.

picking violets

Eloise has become fond of this little patch of stepping stones by the hose. She likes to pick the violets (leaves preferred over flowers) and sometimes she likes to try to turn on the water.


February 2007


Winter for a 2 year old