Girls in Winter


Girls in Jail

Eloise enjoyed a visit to Disneyland with her friends Anna and Rachel.

Out of the carrier

Abby now insists on spending time on her feet when we visit Disneyland. We are learning the best places to set a toddler down for a few minutes.

Drive-in Movie night

Eloise's preschooll hosted a family movie night. They encouraged the kids to make a car to bring. Eloise's car is very much her design, with lots of color, glitter and things to glue on.


Eloise made sure there was a license plate for both cars. She considers that more important than headlights in the list of things that make a car a car

Birthday Candles

Eloise was also very excited to help Dad blow out candles. She made sure the seat next to him was reserved for her.

Outside days

Between rainstorms, we have been enjoying sunny days in the back yard. Abby loves exploring, digging in the dirt, and playing with her sister. She also loves going down the slide.

The finished chair


Grandpa has had fun teaching Abby to pull on his suspenders. She is embracing this new game with gusto. Grandpa's silly reaction helps make it fun.

Rain tastes better at Disneyland

Abby had her first ride on a merry-ro-round horse (she was relagated to the bench previous to this). She seemed very pleased. She definitely liked all the lights and sounds. She seemed to enjoy the up and down too.

Rainy Day Fun

We enjoyed a rainy day visit to Disneyland. It was on and off drizzly, but never rained too hard. the lines were short, there was plenty of room for Eloise to dance and skate everywhere we walked, and our rain gear kept us warm and dry (except for Eloise, it was not proof against jumping in puddles. she was wet to the knees by the end of the day).

Taking Grandpa for a ride

Merry-go-round 2

Abby enjoyed her second visit to the caurosel even more than the first. She liked watching all the lights and movement, and patting her horse.

Horse love

Eloise likes to pat her horse too, and give it hugs.

Naked runner

Abby has reached the age where part of the bath time fun is running away afterwards.

Fancy manners

We had a nice dinner for Grandma. Eloise and her cousins enjoyed their meal in fine style.

Happy Togethe

John, Eloise and Andrew

Climbing girl

Work that ladder

Abby is very pleased with her climbing mastery. Most of the time she will wait at the top until I help her sit.

other climbing tricks

Abby has been working very diligently at getting on top of things. This seems to be coupled with a desire to stand on things once she can climb on them. It's not so bad with stools, but toys with wheels aren't so comfortable for Mom

Playing in the rain