Nativity Fun

Eloise is learning a bit about the story of Christmas this year. Thanks to our hands-on Nativity she can at least name all the major players

Fun with leaves

Daddy rakes the leaves in a pile, eloise spreads them around the yard again

Hand-me down dress

Eloise loves wearing some the of the dresses that grandma made when her own girls were little

Big winter storm

We got over 2 inches of rain in one day, Eloise was delighted with the puddles, and the noise and the wetness.

Desparate times in potty training

Eloise is starting to get the idea, but not the mechanics of using the potty. We try to encourage her to sit a while after she does her potty dance.



More pictures

I've been having a little trouble with my software, particularly with putting text and pictures together. Follow this link for a few pictures. Hopefully I figure out the problem and add text soon