Here are some photos from May. 


2 May. Old broken window removed from Basement

2 May. The basement opening is now larger.

2 May. A new window -- the broken window is now fixed.

2 May. Sheetrock in the new room.

9 May New Brick - from the south

10 May -- new brick from the North - finished

10 May Playing in the mud on stilts -- is this work?

15 May Swimming in Craig and Marie's pool. Rebecca and Famil. Gavin and his friend are in the hot tub area.

17 May Kay Van Buren taking out the back door -- it was not easy.

17 May -- Beth took this shot after the sliding glass door had been removed -- note the mountains and sky reflected in the door.

17 May Kyle and Cameron brought their tools to work on the house.

17 May Half of the floor is down

17 May Finished floor

22 May. The siding for the house is called champagne. They delivered several boxes of champagne for the siding party.

23 May. The start of the cabinets

25 May. Two generations of cabinet builders

27 May. Anxious cake watchers

27 May. The birthday girl

29 May. Adding the beams

30 May. the photo dino. Gavin is happy to see the end of school.

30. May. Cameron's first Pony ride at Thanksgiving Point.

30 May. Kyle and the pony.

31 May. The basement window is almost finished.