July 2007


Family Tie-dye Party

Order from Dharma Trading  If we place an order as a group, we get better prices.

Any 100% cotton or mostly cotton item will dye well.  The more polyester it has, the more the colors will be heathered. 


Pick out what you want to order by Saturday, August 4th at 10 pm.  I will then place an order from Dharma.  I do have some sizes of shirts from Dharma, if you want to come over and look at them. 

The little girls swimsuits on their home page look like lots of fun.  However, the family seems to have lots of little boys.  Check out the urban camouflage shirts.  http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/3765631-AA.shtml?lnav=clothing_children-youth.html

Socks are great fun to dye, too. 

To participate:  Let Judie know you are coming and about how many items you want to dye.

Everything should be washed and dried. 

Judie will provide -- Tying materials, pattern ideas, gloves, the pre-soak, all of they dyes and bags to take home your items. Also take home gloves, and a dye magnet for washing your dyed items.  Then one or two days later, you will put on a pair of gloves and wash out your items. 

judie@eatough.net or 375-5535 will work. 

Dye on Friday/Saturday August 10/11.  


    Katie's shirt is the Short Sleeve Lettuce Edge Top from Dharma.