CTools Email -- Graph Paper Backgrounds

What I want to do is superimpose a graph paper printable grid with black lines over the photo of a textile like image and print it. I had to do it with pencil on a paper print out of the image in a recent project, and would like to figure out how to do it in the computer graphics. This has to do with figuring out blocks, or graphing pick up designs.

Start with a graphic that you want to use, for example the treble clef below.  

Under View is a choice for grid lines, turn on the grid.   Choose the magnification level that you want.  Then print screen to capture the image.  Or use the resize feature in the image menu and choose the percentage of the graph that you want.  If you want to have the image in black and white instead of gray scale, change the image to black and white before doing this.  The examples below reduce the image to 30% of the original size.  


The image on the left was created by adding grid lines when the magnification was at 3:1.  The image was then captured and pasted back to PaintShop Pro so that the grid lines are now part of the image. 

The image on the right was created by reducing the colors to two.  Then going to the image menu and choosing resize.  It was resized to 30% of the original.  The magnification was changed to 10:1 and the grid lines turned on.  A screen capture and paste was done to make the grid lines part of the image. 

           Here is the treble clef reduced to 30% of its original size.